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Next Generation Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing

Pioneering Precision: Advanced DNA and RNA Sequencing Solutions

Innovative Genomic Analysis for Clinical Excellence Experience the forefront of clinical diagnostics with SPARK-TECH’s third-generation DNA and RNA sequencing. Our state-of-the-art methodology elevates disease identification, enabling precise treatment optimization and groundbreaking discovery. With high-throughput capabilities and unrivaled accuracy, our genomic analysis offers a comprehensive view of genetic variations, essential for tailoring personalized medical treatments and understanding complex disease mechanisms. This technology is not just a tool but a gateway to innovative targeted therapy development and preventive healthcare strategies.

SPARK-TECH Ltd.: Excellence in Clinical Laboratory Services At SPARK-TECH Ltd., we blend expertise with innovation in our certified clinical laboratory, dedicated to servicing the clinical, research, and R&D sectors. Our suite of next-generation sequencing services, powered by the latest Oxford Nanopore Technologies platform, delivers custom, high-quality genomic solutions. We pride ourselves on combining standard analytical methods with our unique bioinformatic approaches, ensuring each project receives a tailored, comprehensive genomic analysis to meet our clients' diverse needs.

SPARK-TECH: A Beacon of Innovation in Biotechnology and Clinical Research

Our Journey: Leading the Way in Biotechnological Advancements

Since our inception in 2015 in Krakow, SPARK-TECH has been a driving force in the healthcare sector, bringing innovative solutions to biotechnology, bioinformatics, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Our commitment to innovation has been recognized with numerous awards and grants from European Union agencies, including HORIZON 2020, and Polish institutions like NCBR and PARP. Our R&D achievements include the development of a pioneering robot for blood cell isolation and cutting-edge microbiome sequencing technology. In 2021, we achieved a milestone by obtaining the status of a genetic engineering establishment from the Minister of Climate and Environment, enabling us to work with genetically modified microorganisms. Our journey continued in 2022 with the introduction of DNA sequencing services for universities, probiotic manufacturers, and livestock diagnostics. The recognition by the Voivode of Lesser Poland in 2023 as a medical entity marked a significant advancement in personalized medicine and treatment strategies.

Comprehensive Range of Genomic Services Tailored for CROs

Unlocking the Secrets of the Microbiome Delve into the complex world of the microbiome with our specialized sequencing services. Focusing on the gut microbiome, our state-of-the-art amplicon sequencing techniques provide a detailed analysis, offering insights into this crucial aspect of human health.

Precision in Point Mutation Studies Our Point Mutation Screening service, particularly for the UBA1 gene associated with VEXAS syndrome, exemplifies our precision in genetic analysis. Utilizing Next Generation Sequencing, our certified laboratory identifies all documented mutations and discovers novel ones. This service is available for various sample types, including isolated DNA, whole blood, bone marrow, or isolated blood cell populations.

Efficient and Accurate Workflow for Genetic Analysis Our workflow is streamlined for efficiency and accuracy. Biological samples undergo secure transportation to our facility, where they are processed for DNA isolation and PCR amplification, specifically targeting UBA1 exons 1-15. Subsequent NGS on the Oxford Nanopore Technologies platform ensures detailed mutation identification and quantification in the final report.

Customized Analysis and Protocol Development for NGS Studies We offer a comprehensive package for NGS studies, including the development of bespoke laboratory protocols and bioinformatics tools. Our services are designed to seamlessly integrate into your genetic laboratory, enhancing your sequencing analysis capabilities.